Passive income is another income option for you if you are looking for a different way to bring monetary value into your portfolio. Passive income generally creates a monthly earning amount for you, but that time frame can change depending on your source of passive income. For example, passive income is earnings from a rental property, limited partnership, or other business in which the person is not actively involved. To put it simply, think about passive income as owning something that creates a monthly amount in monetary value (sometimes weekly, biannually, or annually) that you EARN as INCOME. Hence, passive income. As there are many ways to earn passive income in life, there are only a few ways to earn passive income in crypto. Let’s get into some of those details now!

One known way to create passive income in crypto is through staking (we will discuss the staking concept in another article). Another available way to make passive income would be through Bitcoin (crypto) mining. Bitcoin mining is one of the most popular ways to create a monthly passive income in crypto. However, bitcoin mining can be challenging to feat as there are a lot of precise criteria for excellent Bitcoin mining. Therefore, most people shy away from Bitcoin mining because of all the work that needs to be done in the beginning to get started to start creating a monthly income. If you have ever been interested in Bitcoin mining to make a monthly passive income, check out a newer, technologically advanced company called New Century Gold (NCG).

NCG is one of the first crypto companies to allow their clients to receive passive income through Bitcoin mining while doing ALL the work. NCG’s clients do ZERO work and, instead, sit back and keep obtaining a monthly amount of Bitcoin. As stated above, the complicated process of Bitcoin mining scares many people away due to the overwhelming start-up process. With NCG, you can start Bitcoin mining TODAY, thus creating a monthly passive income immediately!  Check out their site right here:

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Written by: Matt Senn