Bitcoin and the crypto markets have been holding that fine line within the same range we have discussed the past month. If you are interested in reading last week’s Bitcoin article, you can find that here: The movement of Bitcoin this past week has been quite interesting, along with lots of fantastic news! So let’s dive right in!

The current Bitcoin price at this articles endeavor is $20,250. Bitcoin still seems to range between the $18,500 and $22,000 mark. Every time Bitcoin takes a downward dip towards the $18.5k mark, the sentiment on Bitcoin becomes very hostile. On the other hand, every time Bitcoin has a price of $20,000 or more; the sentiment seems to get very positive. Even though the numerical price between those two is minimal, I stated (in the above text) that the Bitcoin price has been interesting. When the price starts going down, it falls quickly. However, when the price rises, it soars to the upper range fast and causes the Bitcoin sentiment to change faster than anything I have ever witnessed. Even though some people feel like this is the end of Bitcoin and we will never see higher prices again, I would like to share some fantastic news to go against that statement.

Look at this picture displayed below:

Here we can see a McDonald’s restaurant doors. On the right door, we see an advertisement for some of the sandwiches they offer for meals. On the left, we see an ad for this McDonald’s establishment accepting Bitcoin and Tether for payment. This is HUGE news for Bitcoin and the crypto community! This McDonald’s location is based out of Switzerland and is now the first major fast-food chain to accept two different cryptocurrencies as payment. You can walk right into the store, go to their touch screen device for ordering your meal, and then select to pay with Bitcoin at the end of the transaction! How cool is that!

The growth of Bitcoin and the crypto realm has been outstanding over the past few years. As more individuals learn about all these breaking news concepts within crypto, the more crypto will grow faster. Unfortunately, looking at one of the most technologically advanced concepts (Bitcoin and crypto) is sometimes hard to understand and accept. When talking with some of my family and friends, most are not interested in crypto because they “do not understand it.” I understand that, as there is a never-ending amount of information to learn in crypto. I am pointing out that HUGE companies such as McDonald’s are stepping in and using Bitcoin as a payment solution source. If that does not make you want to learn more about Bitcoin and crypto, then I don’t know what will!

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Written by: Matt Senn