This article is exciting breaking news for the crypto realm I share today! Visa has partnered with one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, FTX (known in the United States). The plan is to create Visa debit cards tied to FTX that can be used internationally. This is fantastic for the crypto space so let’s get into some details about this new partnership!

Visa stated this would be a “long-term global partnership” with FTX as Visa would like to disperse usable debit cards to over 40 countries soon. The plan is to have the debit cards in all of Europe by the end of this year and then move out to other countries starting in 2023. The debit cards will allow users to purchase goods and services with funds linked from their FTX crypto account. Meaning you are buying goods and services with crypto! Currently, over 80 million merchants worldwide accept Visa as a form of payment. So, at some point, FTX Visa debit cards will be used around the entire globe.

What a time to be alive, as this is what everyone and myself in crypto have been waiting for! An actual use-case scenario allows the average consumer to get involved in crypto. As we have stated multiple times within our articles and videos, this is another domino we can add to our domino effect. As crypto keeps growing, we see the “domino effect” happen faster and faster as every day passes. The future of crypto is starting to look amazing!

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Written by: Matt Senn