Some of us in investments (specifically crypto) know there are extreme downside timeframes. This is when most of the crypto space is in what is known as the “bear market,” or the prices are way down. This can cause what is known as the “bear market blues” or just an overall feeling of being down on yourself/investment, and you just cannot seem to shake out of that feeling. Well as the title of this article is The Bear Market Greens! Yes, you read that correctly. So, let’s take a quick dive into some concepts and numbers that can help YOU out of your “bear market blues” and put you in the green, so you are making money during the crypto bear market. There are only a few ways to make money in the bear market, but one of the BEST ways to make money is to make PASSIVE INCOME through Bitcoin mining. Yes, you read that correctly again! YOU can make PASSIVE INCOME in crypto through a well-known and trusted process known as crypto mining.

During the bear market, most investors have portfolios of money that are significantly down compared to what they had started with. This tends to scare people away due to the volatility of the crypto markets. As discussed above, a person can make passive income through crypto (generally Bitcoin) mining. Bitcoin mining gives a person can give a person a monthly return in Bitcoin. The current price of Bitcoin at the writing of this article is $21,300. I state the price because that plays a role in how much in return you will make for passive income with the Bitcoin mining concept. When I think of Bitcoin mining, I think of ONE company that stands out that can help you get started making PASSIVE INCOME today!

That company is New Century Gold. You can check out all the products they can offer you, plus FREE content that comes with being a subscriber through New Century Gold (being a subscriber is also FREE). Check them out at this website here: You can buy brand new Bitcoin miners directly off the New Century Gold website, and most importantly, they will hold your miner in a secure warehouse and do ALL the work (no work for you). So you must sit back, relax, and keep receiving your monthly passive income amount in Bitcoin, sent directly from the NCG team to your Bitcoin address! If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out on the website. New Century Gold has over 30 professional team members ready to assist you.

Now that we have learned how to make money during the bear market (passive income through Bitcoin mining) let’s go over some average numbers you could obtain as an annual return for Bitcoin mining. But, first, let’s look at some numbers/returns that clients of NCG have received recently:

These numbers are averages of what YOU could be getting too based on Bitcoin mining and the Bitcoin mining services that NCG provides. Currently, one of NGC’s top-tier miners is selling for $5,499 (at the most recent Bitcoin peak, each miner was selling upwards of $20,000) and could start getting you around 7% return for the year if Bitcoin hangs around $20,000 per coin. Let’s say the price of Bitcoin rises and holds around $55,000; you would start receiving approximately 85% in annual returns. As stated above, the 7% and 85% returns are better than ANY fixed or “safe” account at any financial institution I have yet seen! That is why this is called PASSIVE INCOME. The choice is yours; make the right move. Crypto is growing faster than most can keep up with, now is your chance to check out the New Century Gold website and create YOUR passive income future.

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Written by: Matt Senn