While many have questioned whether the Bitcoin bubble would ever burst, this event seems to have come and gone several times over the last few years. But how can you predict whether Bitcoin prices will go up in the future? Although it’s impossible to be 100% certain about what will happen to Bitcoin prices in the future, there are some indicators which can give us an idea of what might be coming next.

Bitcoin Future

Despite the fact that there is a massive amount of hype surrounding Bitcoin, it’s impossible to know if it will remain dominant in the cryptocurrency markets. With more and more blockchain projects coming out and some investors predicting that the price of Bitcoin has reached its maximum, could it be too late to invest in Bitcoin? Or will its value continue to soar? If you have any doubt about what will happen with Bitcoin prices in 2022, then look no further! In today’s post, we’ll examine all angles of Bitcoin investing to help you make an informed decision.

Accredited investors on Bitcoin prices

Accredited investors are those who make more than $200,000 per year or have a net worth of over $1 million. Accredited investors have access to various investments that aren’t open to everyone. Bitcoins are becoming one such investment as they become an increasing trend in today’s stock market. While not every accredited investor is willing to take a chance on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many are looking into getting involved with cryptocurrencies as they watch their popularity skyrocket. With increased interest from accredited investors comes increased demand for Bitcoins, which means prices will continue to rise.

Bitcoin predicted value in 2023

$1,000,000 per 1 BTC. This is a prediction from John McAfee, a famous cyber security expert. But I think even his prediction will be less than Bitcoin’s actual value in 2023. Another expert predicted that it would happen in ten years – by 2028, one Bitcoin will be worth $1 million. He predicted that by 2025 he believes that there will be around 15 million people using Bitcoin and there’ll still be an incentive to mine Bitcoins due to transaction fees alone (when miners create new Bitcoins). Even though mining itself may not hold much value anymore, they still get compensated by collecting these transaction fees as mining gets more competitive and harder to do over time with more hashing power being added onto the network every day.

Bitcoin in 401K

Many investors are probably still wondering if they should include Bitcoin in their 401K portfolio. Because many experts say that putting your money into BTC is a bad investment. However, some financial planners believe that as long as you invest only what you can afford to lose, investing in Bitcoins could end up being extremely profitable. NCG offers incentives to people looking to cash out their 401k and start mining with it. With the crypto industry growing and more and more profitable projects being introduced, chances are that you can take care of your nest egg easily if you invested your 401k funds in mining. So, what’s keeping you away from investing?


Many different factors will determine how Bitcoin prices will rise in future, from government regulations to technological developments. However, as long as more people continue to use Bitcoin for transactions, there’s a good chance that its price will rise in future. It’s not like a stock investment where you have no way of influencing its price – Bitcoin prices depend on market demand, and it is possible to increase demand by using Bitcoin more often and evangelizing it to friends and family.