In today’s formal informational article, we will dive into a technological-rich company called New Century Gold. Many know them as NCG, as that is what I will reference them as many times throughout this article. NCG is getting involved in many crypto topics, from Bitcoin mining to NFTS to even the Metaverse. As we get into NCG and all they have to offer, please check out their site to get a superb understanding of how they can help you in your crypto journey today:

New Century Gold is currently located in Illinois within the United States. With plans of growing fully in all parts of America as well as internationally. Their initial product offering is based on the concept of Bitcoin mining. NCG has a secure warehouse full of brand-new and used miners that they host for their clients to mine Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. NCG will do all the hard work for you within the mining process and deliver a monthly passive income amount to you in Bitcoin or USD if the Client prefers dollars. Bitcoin mining is one of the only ways to make passive income in the crypto realm, so taking advantage of mining could potentially change your financial future.

Bitcoin mining can be a difficult task to accomplish if you are uncertain about the process. Take time to learn the process or work with a professional team like NCG to help purchase and host your miner(s). NCG has multiple mining facilities, has over three million dollars’ worth of equipment within these facilities, and has a passionate team of over 30+ team members ready to assist you. This is one reason I keep New Century Gold on my radar. Within that reasoning, I used to get scared of the volatility in the crypto markets. I saw the crazy price swings within crypto and felt uncomfortable entering the markets at certain times. With NCG, creating a passive income for me it took the stress of the volatility of the markets off my shoulders, and I feel much more comfortable now!

Now let’s dig into the mining equipment that the NCG team prefers and would recommend you use to earn passive income through Bitcoin mining. The Antminer S19 series is recommended and widely used by New Century Gold Clients. There are different watt outputs within each Antminer S19 models. There are also different Hash rates within each model based. The more power consumed the more hash it can produce. The Antminer S19 series are some of the most efficient mining machines. That means you are using more energy but also obtaining more Bitcoin, thus giving you more PASSIVE INCOME every month. Some other models and companies make mining rigs, but as stated above, NCG feels the Antminer S19 series is the best output for you versus your input. How about we get into some potential monthly returns these mining machines can create for you!?

Let’s check them out right here:

As you can see within that NCG chart, this is based upon the current Bitcoin price and the price of the Antminer S19j Pro 104th price. That is a total miner price, but you can also buy half a miner or even a tenth of a miner if you are unsure of the whole process and would like to still get involved without purchasing an entire miner in the beginning. There are also miner packages meaning you buy more in a bundle; you get the mining machines at a lower price. The main purpose of this chart is to investigate the potential for returns of the miners. If you were to buy a SINGLE miner TODAY and the price of Bitcoin goes to $80,000 within the next couple years, you could easily see your annual return over 100%. I have never seen a fixed income investment give 100% return in a single year in my entire life. Crypto is one of the only ways to do so, and with the current prices down, now is your chance to capitalize on ALL things crypto while you can. Buying Bitcoin while it is cheap and buying crypto mining machines while they are cheap are huge players in making loads of money when it comes time to go on that bull run (price going up drastically and quick). Also, once you buy the miner, YOU own it. So, you can turn around and sell it immediately if it is not something you end up wanting to do or have second thoughts. The price of the miners go up as Bitcoin goes up as well. So here you are making passive income by mining Bitcoin; the Bitcoin price is going up, so you are making more money, and the cost of the mining rig will be going up. It sounds like a fantastic trifecta to me.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on the NCG site. You can follow this website link here:, and there will be loads of information for you to read about and even a LIVE chat bar on the site so you can ask your questions. There are also many other products within the NCG site and even free newsletter articles on all things crypto! Our team will be there to assist you as soon as you need it!

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Written by: Matt Senn