In today’s short formal article, we will discuss one of the best mining rigs anyone can purchase for mining bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) to obtain passive income. Many companies produce mining rigs, and there are also different ways to mine for bitcoin rather than an ASIC miner. More info about other products and uses for crypto miners are located on the new century gold website; that is all free for you to read through. The link is right here:

The mining rig that many people use daily to obtain bitcoin that gives the best output for user input would have to be the Antminer s19 pro. This mining rig is well-known in crypto, specifically the crypto mining community. As stated above, for the best output (bitcoin received to your wallet) per input (your energy cost and time frame), your best option will be the Antminer s19 pro. The current top model hash rate for the s19 pro would be 110 th/s. This is going to use a power consumption of 3,250 watts and will need a power supply input of 200-240 volts. Even though this mining rig uses a bit more energy than others, this one gives you back the most from a passive income standpoint.

Let’s get into some of these numbers: from price to energy usage to bitcoin received. The cost of all mining rigs will change with the price of bitcoin. When bitcoin is going up, so is the price of the Antminer rigs. When the price goes down, so does the cost of the Antminer machines. Currently, the price of bitcoin is down from its all-time high. When bitcoin was at its all-time high (around $70,000 per one bitcoin), the cost of one Antminer s19 pro was around $20,000. Now that bitcoin is approximately $20,000 per coin (current price at the article’s writing), the cost of one Antminer s19j pro 104th is around $5,500. Again, these prices can change drastically and have changed so often on a weekly timeframe.

The current watt usage for the Antminer s19 pro is 3,250. Next, you would need to find out the energy usage cost in your area. Then calculate the price to watt usage to get the total amount you would be paying for power each month. Now let’s go over some of the amounts you will be rewarded in bitcoin each month.

This will be a breakdown list of roughly how much in bitcoin rewards your miner would earn each month if you were to buy an Antminer s19j pro at the current sale price and current bitcoin price:

As you can see, the current bitcoin price is around $20,000 per coin in USD, while each Antminer s19j pro is about $5,499 per miner as of today. Based on bitcoin’s price, approximately $20,000 per coin currently, you could expect to see around $400 per year/per miner if bitcoin stays at that current price. Let’s say bitcoin gets back up to $55,000 per coin soon; at that point, you could expect to receive around $4,600 per year/per miner or roughly an 85% return on investment! These are all estimated numbers and are not guaranteed, but from current output amounts, all numbers would be very close to this. This is not financial advice but a helping guide to help you understand how to make a monthly or annual passive income earned from the rewards your miner would accumulate. Many people I know are too scared of crypto due to the volatility in the crypto markets and want a way to get started within the crypto realm. Here is your chance to start today by making passive income with crypto. New century gold is leading the way with hosted mining facilities. This means you can purchase a miner on the new century gold website ( and hold your new Antminer s19j pro or another miner of your choosing in a secure warehouse. New century gold then sends you the amount in Bitcoin or USD that your miner was rewarded, all while they do all the hard work for you. A small fee is involved through all of this, but keep in mind that the returns shown and the numbers discussed in this article are after the NCG Management Fee is charged. The opportunity to earn passive income through mining Bitcoin is here, thanks to New Century Gold, and they can help get you started on this journey today. As New Century Gold likes to say, “Don’t miss out on the Digital Gold Rush.”

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Written by: Matt Senn