Breaking news in crypto was released early on October 11th, 2022! This news has to do with Google getting involved in the crypto space. Every week we seem to have another large business or corporation wanting to step their feet into crypto in some way or another. So let’s not wait any longer and get into some details about this topic!

Google is one of the most significant search engines on the World Wide Web, offering superior findings and results. Google also has other professional services, such as Google Cloud. Google released their statement (early October 11th morning) by explaining Google would soon start accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for their Google Cloud services. Google allowing crypto as payment is fantastic as this offers their current customers another payment solution and allows Bitcoin/crypto another showcasing for usable proof. The only downside I can find right now is these services will not be able to be paid with by crypto until early next year. However, it isn’t that long of a wait, so we will hang out patiently, sit back, and watch other large corporations start jumping into the crypto realm.

As we have stated within most breaking news articles here for New Century Gold, every week seems to create another domino for our “domino effect” we keep discussing. With every business or major crypto proposition, we will see more businesses and retailers getting involved. This “domino effect” is starting to happen much quicker than I ever thought it would!

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Written by: Matt Senn