Another prominent business is stepping into the crypto/blockchain/NFT space! This business is known worldwide as Ford; Ford is one of the largest automotive retailers in the United States. Even though I do not care for Ford vehicles, I still feel this is another win for the blockchain/crypto space. As more and more businesses enter the NFT realm, the higher the overall crypto market capitalization will go. You can read other news articles/blog posts about many different businesses getting involved in these forms of topics at and find your way to the Blogs tab at the bottom of the first page.

Ford making its way into the Metaverse/NFT world excites me! The list of businesses involved with these concepts keeps getting longer and more diverse. Ford has filed for 19 different trademark NFTs for many vehicle products. Ford is trying to make it so you can purchase a physical car/truck/SUV, an NFT of a car/truck/SUV, or utilize your NFT of the car/truck/SUV within the Metaverse. These growing options excite buyers when purchasing Ford’s products, giving them more choices. This allows the buyer to drive their purchased car in the real and virtual worlds with all their friends. Ford still has these NFTs being worked on and completed, so I hope to hear more news of completion soon. I am excited about the future of the NFT/Metaverse space!

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Written by: Matt Senn