In today’s short breaking news article, we will discuss the concept of the U.S. Congress drafting a bill to allow digital currencies for specific investment usages (such as within 401(k) plans). Yes, you read that correctly! The drafted bill would allow Americans to participate in investments such as crypto within their 401(k) plans. The bill has not passed yet, but it is in the works for completion. So, let’s dig into some details about the newly drafted bill.

So far, we have learned that Republican lawmakers have drafted a bill allowing investment managers to offer Bitcoin (and later, other cryptocurrencies) in 401k plans. Unfortunately, as stated above, the drafted bill has not passed yet; but we should have an answer following the midterms in November of 2022! I cannot wait for that time frame to come around, as this is another piece of the crypto puzzle that we are all solving.

As we have stated time and time again, the usage of crypto is growing at a rapid rate. This is another domino to which we can add to the crypto domino effect we have been adding to every New Century Gold article, podcast, and reel. The future of crypto is seemingly bright!

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Written by: Matt Senn