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We are a US-based crypto mining organization

Our story begins in our garage. We were naïve and ambitious to join the new era of Digital Technology and didn’t have anyone we can trust except finding people in various social media groups, which lead to incurring losses and trusting unvetted overseas companies. Then we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We soon realized how real bitcoin mining is and started to focus on becoming our own powerhouse in the mining solution space. We offered the opportunity to our family and friends were very skeptical of our projects at first but soon realized that this generation has figured out how to make digital gold.

This led further to commercialize our operations due to the demands of our customers which left us no choice but to expand our operations. It’s only right to share your wealth of knowledge and expertise and give opportunities to those who would not typically be able to obtain it. Fellow small business owners & general population who struggled during the pandemic made us realize that we need to enter the open market. “Could have”, “would have”, and “should have” are all phrases that we said no to and decided that we need to start on a turnkey business that allows us to not break a sweat and get started today before it’s too late.

We have trained professionals monitoring 24/7, a certified repair team, buy direct, and set up efficient hosting services for our customers. Our facilities have progressed from a small closet in our basement to industrial warehouses where we have secured all our client’s assets.

Our company continues to build out new mining sites, mobile mining sites, and manage sites for our Pro Clients Managed by professionals in the space, we knew that no other business would give you returns of 20%-500%. Join us in being a part of a turn-of-the-century phenomenon!


We cater to the general public and organizations looking for a boutique-style mining opportunity and to be able to trust the individuals responsible for managing their assets in the United States. We don’t promise the world but enough to satisfy the efforts and returns for our clients.

Digital and Virtual are the buzzwords we live our lives around. As programmers continue to virtue the new technologies spaces, we focus on seizing the opportunities as they evolve and make it accessible to ones who would otherwise never discover them.

We ensure you can Mine and Earn with Confidence!


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